Who We Serve

Our typical customer profile is general contractors, architects and property owners within North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia where we hold licensure as a leading custom masonry company.

The construction business is growing at a steady rate and the market for our masonry services has been virtually untapped as masonry construction has been a staple of the building business for over a century.

Clients & Project Sectors
We work with a wide range of clients in many cities and have done work for numerous government projects for Little Sugar Creek, City of Charlotte as well as various NCDOT area projects. We have completed a number of institutional projects from Columbia International University in South Carolina to the University of Virginia Jefferson Scholars & Virginia Tech. Commercially we have completed work with the Greenbrier Resort and The Homestead Resort to name a few. Our masonry company is currently working at The Greenbrier.

We understand and respect that the general contractor makes the decision on which masonry contractor they want to use on their projects acting on behalf of the end customer in selecting the best for the job. They decide all aspects of the job including working conditions, so understanding each general contractor’s process and how they operate is of paramount importance.

Architects are very important for our private residential work as they are the decision maker on which masonry contractor will work with the home owner. In these instances we work for both the owner and architect. Our goal is to understand the foundational scope of work and the home owner’s vision, then construct and execute the project down to the finest detail.

Responses from our customers indicate our work is enjoying an excellent reputation. This has resulted in new contracts with many of the same general contractors, architects and even the home owners. Fostering these relationships validates the fitness of the future outlook for Icon Custom Masonry.

We are the North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia leaders in residential and commercial construction masonry and look forward to working with you! Call 704-554-1515 or click here to request a quote for your next custom masonry needs.


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